An Evening of Amazonian Gastronomic Exploration and Discovery

Culinary Culture Connections is pleased to present a special evening of Amazonian gastronomic exploration and discovery on May 25 in DeLand, Florida. The event features Chef Beto Bellini of Roraima, Brazil,

and special guest Professor and Chef Almir Da Fonseca.

The purpose of this extraordinary gastronomic event is to: 1) celebrate the flavors, textures, and colors of Brazilian culinary traditions; 2) promote the idea that in threatened ecoregions of Brazil like the Amazon, initiatives that strengthen access to fair markets for forest and agroecological products of indigenous and traditional communities can play a very positive role in the economic development process, while helping to reverse the direction of deterioration of the heritage of these ecosystems and people who depend on them for their livelihoods; 3) and evangelize Amazonian Gastronomy and promote the concepts of Amazon Pantry, Rainforest to Table and create some buzz around Amazonian ingredients and culinary techniques in the US.

Event Schedule

6:30-7:00- Welcome

  • Tropical cocktails

7-:00 – 8:30 -Dinner service

  • Chef Beto will describe each plate and provide a little history of the ingredients and culinary techniques.
  • Wine pairings will be offered

8:30-10:00 – Guest Presentation and Socializing

  • Special guest Professor and Chef Almir da Fonseca will speak about his work on “The Brazil Project,” demonstrating how Brazilian flavors and colors can make a significant contribution modern gastronomy, emphasizing that Brazilian culinary traditions and ingredients are not so foreign or to be only experienced on a few special occasions.
  • Guests and chefs will also have the opportunity to engage in informal conversation about the food, ingredients and the event.

 Please address inquiries regarding price and location to Greg and Brian at


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