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Culinary Culture Connections is proud to announce that 2 of our products, Pimenta Baniwa and Yanomami Mushrooms, will be sold with the Origens Brasil® (Brazil Origins) seal. The Origens Brasil® program was developed through a partnership of IMAFLORA and the Instituto Socioambiental (Socioenvironmental Institute - ISA) and is administered by IMAFLORA.

Chef Alex Atala (right) of the ATÁ Institute and owner of D.O.M. Restaurant in São Paulo and Luiz Antônio Brasi of IMAFLORA promoting the Origens Brasil® seal. Alex regularly uses Pimenta Baniwa, Yanomami Mushrooms, and other products with the Origens Brasil® seal in his restaurants in São Paulo and also sells them at the 'Boxes' in the Pinherios Market.

It is an initiative that valorizes territories of socio-environmental diversity. The seal creates the connection between consumers and traditional and indigenous populations and represents the initiative as a whole. It promotes ethical and transparent commercial relations, product origin, the valorization of local culture and environmental conservation. The goal is to that valorize and distinguish community-based agro-forestry production and recognize the intrinsic values that they carry.

Unlike traditional certification schemes, Origens Brasil® focuses on territories and products that have important social and environmental value, prioritizing traditional organization and management practices. Rather than perform external audits, like most certification schemes, it utilizes participatory validation through shared governance and monitors success through impact monitoring. Commercial relationships are built and monitored upon clear and transparent relations between producers, community organizations, institutions, and companies.

  • Low impact on natural resources, traditional knowledge, and conservation of forests and territories they inhabit
  • Give more transparency to forest product chains
  • Help consumers identify companies and products that value and respect in their business practices, populations, and their territories
  • Encouraging more ethical business relationships built through dialogue
  • Transparency and respect for diversity of traditional ways of life

Consumers benefit by knowing where their food comes from, including knowledge about who made it and how, and some history of the product and the community it came from. The purchase of products with the Origens Brasil® seal contributes to the maintenance of the social and environmental assets of the territories from where they originate.

Through the seal, which is the actual QR Code itself, the system works via a collaborative platform where you simply scan the code with your smartphone to learn the origin of the products, stories of producers and their territories.

This is the seal from Yanomami Mushrooms. Give it a try. Just scan the QR with your phone and you will be taken to the Origens Brasil® website to learn more about the product, producers, and origin.

When you buy a product from the forest without knowing its origin, it may be contributing to business practices that harm the environment and violate the rights of people living in these areas.

  • When you know the origin of the products, you can better understand your impact on the development and protection of social and environmental diversity.
  • The seal helps identify products and companies that value and respect the Territories’ social and environmental diversity.

Origens Brasil® values sustainable extractivist and agro-forestry practices, giving transparency to the commercial relations of companies with the extractivist populations and stimulating a more ethical market. 

  • In this way, the extractivist himself sees the importance of these territories for the maintenance of strategic socio-environmental benefits for all Brazil and the world.
  • These practices have a direct impact on the protection of territories.

The initiative has received support from the Instituto ATÁ (ATÁ Institute), founded by Chef Alex Atala of D.O.M. and Dalva & Dito, and has received financial backing from Fundo Amazonia (Amazonia Fund), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Regnskogfondet/Rainforest Foundation Norway.


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