Kĩsêdjê Pequi Oil


Pequi oil, or Hwĩn Mbê in the indigenous language, is produced by the Kĩsêdjê, who live in the Wawi Indigenous Land, in the Xingu Indigenous Territory (TIX). Pequi is an important component of the culture of the Kĩsêdjê, is used both for food and for the reforestation of degraded areas in the region. A native domesticated tree, pequi has existed in Kĩsêdjê gardens for centuries. Its fruit has a value that transcends the cuisine and is present in the myths, rituals, and festivities of the Kĩsêdjê people. Hwĩn Mbê is produced in a traditional way - entirely cold pressed - resulting in a unique product that preserves the flavor, color, fragrance, and properties of the fruit. Its production started in 2011, in a project coordinated by the Kĩsêdjê Indigenous Association (AIK), with technical support from the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) and with the financial support from the Bacuri Institute and the Rezek Group.

This product is currently back ordered. Shipment arrives late-February.