Kisedje Pequi Oil

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In gastronomy, the fruit and oil are used in famous recipes such as chicken and rice with pequi because of its flavor that is somewhat floral with notes of coconut. It is also used in frying, pasta, and aromatic olive oil in salads and other dishes.

Hwĩn Mbê Pequi oil is produced by the Kĩsêdjê people of the Xingu according to tradition – cold-pressed - which results in a unique oil, which preserves the fruit's flavor, color, and scent. Kĩsêdjê Pequi Oil is grown without the use of agro-toxics and produced in the village. Pequi is essential in the culture and food of this indigenous. To taste the Xingu Pequi Oil is to savor the centennial knowledge of the Kĩsêdjê through your taste buds. It is to keep the culture of a people alive and to value the forest standing!

The Kĩsêdjê domesticated the native tree centuries ago. Its fruit has a value that transcends the cuisine and is present in the myths, rituals, and festivities of the Kĩsêdjê people.

With commercialization, the Kĩsêdjê are planting new pequi trees and reforesting deforested areas. The production of the precious oil involves women and young people, generates income, work, and learning for the community.

The Hwĩn Mbê project to produce Pequi Oil is an initiative of the Kĩsêdjê of the Xingu, with support from the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA).

The Kisêdjê live in the Wawi Indigenous Land, near the Xingu Indigenous Park in Mato Grosso. They stand out in the struggle for the environment, the recovery of degraded areas, and the appreciation of traditional culture. The word Kĩsêdjê means to hear, to understand, and to know. These are the attributes most valued by these people. So, when the Kĩsêdjê learns something they say, "it is in my ear."

This is a rare and delicious delight! 

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