Manioca Jambu Jam (Geleia de Jambu) - Culinary Culture Connections

Manioca Jambu Jam (Geleia de Jambu)

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Jambu is a culinary and medicinal herb known botanically as Acmella oleracea of the Asteraceae or aster family. The plant contains the compound spilanthol, which makes the tongue tingle and heightens its taste perception. Jambu is widely used in traditional dishes of Pará, such as tacacá (a kind of shrimp soup in tucupi broth) and pato no tucupi (duck soup), which derive from indigenous culinary culture. The jam contains organic cane sugar, giving the jambu a “soft sweetness” that preserves its authentic flavor and its much-celebrated numbing sensation. Jambu jam combines well with sausage, pork, cured cheeses, and even ice creams and cocktails. This product is a truly authentic immersion into Amazonian gastronomy!

Has passed the "best use by" date. Still delicious. Time to make room for new inventory: $2.00/jar

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