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Manioca Priprioca Jam (Geleia de Priprioca)

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This jam is made from an aromatic root (Cyperus articulatus L.), well known at the famous "aromatic baths" of Pará, the popular perfumeries of herbs and roots located in in the Ver-o-Peso Market. Its flavor is reminiscent of rose hips preserves. Priprioca was first transformed into sweet syrups by chef Paulo Martins, who showed us the innumerable possibilities of this unique flavorful Amazonian root. The jam works well with strong-flavored meats such as lamb and pork or can be used to sweeten and flavor coffee and is wonderful in ice creams and cocktails.

Watch Michelin Star Chef “Alex Atala on priprioca and discovering new ingredients” here and read his journal article about it here.

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