Manioca Taperebá Jam (Geleia de Taperebá) - Culinary Culture Connections

Manioca Taperebá Jam (Geleia de Taperebá)

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This jam is made from taperebá (Spondias mombin), a small orange fruit, also known as cajá in the Northeast or cajá-mirim in the south of Brazil. About the size of a cherry, the fruit takes on a slightly different flavor in different regions. In Amazonia, it is difficult to find taperebá outside the period of its harvest. In Belém, Pará taperebá juice is one of the most popular and very sought after in the Ver-o-Peso market for its delicious acidic flavor and unmistakable intense aroma. The jam is ideal for desserts and cocktails and harmonizes well with pork, charcuterie, and cheeses, as well as on sandwiches.

Has passed the "best use by" date. Still delicious. Time to make room for new inventory: $2.00/jar

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