Na'Kau Wild Amazonian Chocolates

Native Amazonian cacao is very popular in the world, mainly because it is found in its biome of origin and is the oldest and wildest variety found in the world. It is the only cocoa in the world collected from within a canoe. Cacao trees are affected annually by the floods and droughts of the Amazonian rivers, a positive influence being a heavy nutrient load coming from the muddy waters. Na'Kau is interested in the revitalizing the cacao crop that is native to the Amazon. Historical records indicate that since 1650, it has been cultivated in the Amazon, a culture inherited from the natives for whom it was a staple in their traditional diet.

Na'kau is real chocolate, being among the purest in the world. This is because in formulations 81% and 72% cocoa only contain cocoa and organic sugar and 63% and 54% have cocoa, organic sugar, and cocoa butter. 

Four new flavors are available: a72% bar with Pimenta Baniwa, 72% bar with cupuassu fruit, 63% bar with Brazil nuts, and 63% bar with Café Apuí.

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