Soul Brasil Organic Banana & Assîsî Hot Sauce

Soul Brasil Organic Banana & Assîsî Hot Sauce

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Assîsî pepper is actually a blend of dried and ground peppers. This product is very strong and our hottest pepper ever! Banana complements the flavor of pepper and brings multiple delicious combinations for us to savor.

The cultivation of pepper powder (assîsî) is widespread in the Nhamunda Mapuera and Trombetas Mapuera indigenous lands and involves not only its elaboration and consumption but a whole social organization in its surroundings. The practice of production and consumption is quite common in all villages.

Chili powder is commonly used by indigenous people as a seasoning for various types of fish and game meat from the indigenous diet. They mix pepper to enhance the flavor and season a variety of foods, made with different types of bananas mixed with cassava gum or different varieties of potatoes.

- Vegan

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