Culinary Cultural Connections

Eviormentatal StewardshipWe only source products that are grown and processed with environmental stewardship in mind, protecting socio-biodiversity and habitat. We promote genetic diversity of traditional cultivars that are unique to their environment and the traditional societies that produce them. Products reflect values and beliefs they believe about forests, rivers and diverse cultures, including local knowledge that is adaptive and harmonious with local ecological conditions. Learn More

Authenticity & Transparency - Our Goal is to offer socio-biodiversity products of traditional/forest peoples, with their own brands or in partnerships that recognize the social, cultural, economic and environmental value of them. For all our products, we want you to know where it is from, who made it, how it was made, and what’s in it. Traceability is also a critical value for us. Every product is identified according to a specific biome/geographical region with identifiable environmental characteristics. No additional ingredients are ever added along the supply chain and no synthetic agricultural inputs are used in production. Learn More

Social & Cultural Respect - We value contributing to economic opportunity and security for small producers: indigenous, and other traditional producers through fair income generation. We aim to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage and the celebration of cultural diversity, especially as seen in food systems where traditional knowledge is passed down through generations and from identifiable producers paid just prices. Learn More


Exploration, Adventure & Discovery - Our products offer the finest in culinary distinction. Our expert curation of unique and rare foods inspires quality gastronomic experiences motivated by the desire for exploration, discovery and adventure in eating. Claude Levi-Strauss claimed, “things that are good to eat, are good to think.” With this in mind, every product we sell provides an opportunity at the table to ponder and chat about the unique origins, production methods and producers that create amazing culinary memories. Learn More