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Manioca Aromatic Chili Jam (Geleia de Pimenta de Cheiro)

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This unique Jam is made with organic cane sugar, yellow bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) and cumari-do-Pará chilis (Capsicum chinense), known in the Amazon as an “aromatic chili pepper” in the state of Pará. The jam delivers a lot of flavor and aroma, with a slight pungency that is perfectly balanced with its sweetness. The local nickname indicates that its aroma is especially captivating, as one might expect from a variety of Capsicum chinense, which includes habaneros. It is very common to see vendors selling varieties of sauces made from cumari, generally in a base of yellow tucupi sauce (fermented juice of manioc—Manihot esculenta) at the famous Ver-o-Peso Market in Belém, Pará’s largest city. Fresh cumari chilis are commonly squeezed with a spoon on the edge of a plate to add to food. Manioca has tried to capture the charm of this chili to be enjoyed culinarily in foods and cocktails. It goes great with cheese and crackers, accompanying meat and seafood, even in cocktails like the famous Brazilian caipirinha (made with cachaça, lime juice and ice) and in desserts and ice creams. The Martins family has been serving this jam at its famous restaurant "Lá em Casa" in Belém for 45 years.

Has passed the "best use by" date. Still delicious. Time to make room for new inventory: $2.00/jar

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