Manioca Cupuassu Marmalade (Doce de Cupuaçu) - Culinary Culture Connections

Manioca Cupuassu Marmalade (Doce de Cupuaçu)

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This cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorumrecipe is more than half a century old, and is a version that has been used in one of the most traditional sweets in Pará, which is famous for its aroma and unmistakable tartness. In Belém, the fruit is used in ice creams, juices, tarts, puddings, and the fillings of sweets often covered in chocolate and more. Through Manioca's Cupuaçu Fork Jam, it is possible to experience the original flavor of this fruit in a recipe from many generations of success since it was first served in Belém, in the traditional restaurant "Lá em Casa". It is typical to consume this jam with cheeses, but it is also very desirable with ice cream, creams, chocolates or even to make an Amazonian brigadeiro, which involves rolling the preserves in flour into a crumbly sweet.

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