Indigenous Amazonian Products

Experiment with three great culinary gems with loads of history and cultural importance for three iconic indigenous societies from Amazonia. All three products come with the Origins Brasil® Seal, which guarantees sustainable sourcing and just prices to the women responsible for their production.

Yanomami Mushrooms sustainably harvested by the Sanöma, part of the Yanomami people of Roraima, Brazil. These mushrooms are a product of the traditional Yanomami farming system. This mix of more than 10 species of mushrooms.

Pimenta Baniwa is a blend of dozens of varieties of Capsicum peppers that the Baniwa people cultivate using traditional, organic, and sustainable methods.

Pequi oil is produced by the Kĩsêdjê, who live in the Wawi Indigenous Land, in the Xingu Indigenous Territory (TIX). The fruit has a value that transcends the cuisine and is present in the myths, rituals, and festivities of the Kĩsêdjê people. This oil is entirely cold pressed, resulting in a unique product that preserves the flavor, color, fragrance, and properties of the fruit.

This trio of flavors is the result of deep knowledge of the local ecology and management of the environment; knowledge that feeds and keeps the forest standing for all three groups. Through your purchase, you help to contribute to the socio-environmental resilience of these indigenous societies.