Manioca Brasil - An introduction to Amazonian Gastronomy

Born in the famous port city of Belém at the mouth of the Amazon, Manioca presents a line of products, in which the ingredients of the forest are the protagonists, combining preservation, research and the unmistakable taste of real food.

Have you ever heard of the Black Tucupi? Or have you tasted anything with Priprioca? It is not so easy to find anyone has ever tried these and other products that are part of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, the Amazon region. The fact is that the region still has a great secret that is now finally being discovered and appreciated. That is gastronomy. The late chef of kitchen Paulo Martins was the first to promote the potential of Amazonian gastronomy. It is from the history of Paulo that the history of Manioca begins, a manufacturer of culinary distinction that is dedicated to bringing the authentic taste of the Amazon in unique ways to the world with social and environmental responsibility.