Manioca Brasil Cumari Hot Sauce with Black Tucupi

  • $11.25

Hot sauce made from cumari chile peppers and black tucupi Cumari pepper is a popular ingredient in the Brazilian Amazon region, one of the most commonly found in hot sauces in the region. Authentic Amazonian black tucupi is made by reducing yellow tucupi (the juice of manioc) for days on the stove, which thickens and caramelizes the liquid until it becomes nearly black, hence the name. Its traditional use by Indigenous peoples in much of the Amazon is in the conservation of food, especially game and fish. Its preparation varies according to the indigenous group, its descendants, or the tradition of the producer. It is the hottest of our Manioc Brasil hot sauces and deep in flavor. It is full of umami flavor and smokey. Excellent for barbecued foods and grilling.

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