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Born in the heart of the Amazon, Manioca presents a line of products, in which the ingredients of the forest are the protagonists, combining preservation, research and the unmistakable taste of real food.

Have you ever heard of the Black Tucupi (Tucupi Preto)? Or have you tasted anything with priprioca? It is not so easy to find exploratory chefs and home cooks who have tried these and other products that are part of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, the Amazon rainforest. The fact is that the region is still a great secret that is gradually being discovered and appreciated, much from the work begun by the late chef Paulo Martins, who through gastronomy showed the world the great potential of the Amazon. It is from the history of Paulo that the history of Manioca begins, a gastronomic endeavor that is dedicated to bringing the flavors of the Amazon to the world in an original way that has profound social and environmental benefits.

In mid-1972, (until then) architect Paulo Martins encouraged his mother, Dona Anna Maria, to open a restaurant that offered the delicacies and recipes that she made to order and that was already successful in the banquets of Belém. In the basement of the house where he lived, a restaurant was opened that served traditional food, French things, even, but also maniçoba, duck in tucupi (Pato no Tucupi) and everything else in the culinary tradition of the state of Pará. "Let's go home?" was the informal invitation that ended up giving the name to the restaurant, Lá em Casa (In my home), a mecca of the traditional cuisine of Pará.

In the mid-2000s Paulo worked intensively as a cook and dedicated researcher, who used creativity to innovate in traditional gastronomy using the ingredients of Amazônia, for which he became a reference for other professionals in the area. With the creation of the festival Ver-O-Peso of the Paraense (resident of the state of Pará) Kitchen, the chef also started to spread the unique local gastronomy, receiving chefs from all regions of Brazil, who soon began asking Paulo to send them tucupi for their own dishes, as well as developing the recipes for the products we are now offering.

In order to continue the activity initiated by her father, his daughter, Joanna Martins, began to distribute to the main restaurants of Brazilian cuisine the ingredients that Paulo had presented to the world, together with an important concern with the development of the production chain and with the standardization of each ingredient to preserve their natural and traditional characteristics. During this journey, Joanna has realized that in order for everyone to know the flavors of the Amazon, and especially to see the value in them, it is necessary to find ways as creative as the ones that Paulo had used to introduce the flavors of Pará to other regions of Brazil and the world.

From the end of 2014, the company created by Joanna to distribute ingredients to restaurants became Manioca, a brand that today has product lines that carry a message of their own, divided among those developed in partnership with artisan producers, such as the Tucupi, and those created entirely by the brand, innovations such as Black Tucupi Sauce (Tucupi Preto), a substitute for soy sauce that has up to five times less sodium than soy sauce and that rescued a wonderful almost forgotten indigenous culinary tradition. Among Manioca's creations, there is also a line of jams that are already successful in Brazil, with flavors such as jambu, cupuassu, açaí, taperebá, and cumari chili pepper.

We know you're going to simply love them, and they are only available here outside of Brazil!

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