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SoulBrasil Cuisine was founded by Leticia and Peter Feddersen. They have three outstanding missions: to promote the essence of Brazil through products of culinary distinction; to source only sustainable and organic ingredients; and to introduce innovations of common condiments through the use of tropical fruits.

As an increasing number of respected chefs have been demonstrating that there is great potential for raising awareness of the diverse gastronomic traditions by incorporating SoulBrasil Cuisine’s products into everyday meals across the planet. The products are 100% vegan and made with natural and organic ingredients, nothing artificial in the growing or processing of the ingredients. 

   Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol Vinegar

Organic Demerara Sugar

Delicious, Healthy Tropical Fruits, and Unique Chili Pepper Varietals

The motto of SoulBrasil Cuisine is “Do good through delicious!” This goes well beyond the products. SoulBrasil buys its ingredients from small producers as well as from indigenous communities in order to create a sustainable and just production chain.

The Pimenta Baniwa, Açaí Hot Sauce carries the Origens Brasil seal that promotes transparency of commercial relationships with indigenous and traditional communities. SoulBrasil donates 10% of the profit of this product to the Baniwa, a millennial indigenous tribe where its women cultivate and harvest the chili peppers used in the sauce. Additionally, they contribute a portion of their revenues to SOS Vida, a marvelous institution that shelters and supports children in vulnerable situations in Eunapolis, Bahia.

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